update scamlist ptc-ptr

Berikut adalah scamlist PTC, PTR, PTS ( daftar situs penipuan) update juni 2008, postingan ini akan saya berbaharui setiap ada update terbaru. situs2 di bawah ini tidak semuanya dipastikan scam, sebagian hanya berupa warning agar berhati-hati, misalnya itu terbukti membayar namun jika diminta upgrade sebaiknya jangan.

June 26 2008: Bux4all, MarioBux seem to be gone. (Thanks Checkerz, lorensom10 for the info)

June 26 2008: AlterGoldBux "The amount of money that You will be able to exchange into real Cash depends on the current available money destinated free members."

June 26 2008: So-bux, Teambux Be careful. They are on free hosts.

June 26 2008: Croclix - Admin said that payments are delayed due to illness of a close relative. Croclix

June 26 2008: BusyClicks - No ads to click. BusyClicks

June 26 2008: Bux88 is gone. Bux88

June 26 2008: AlwaysBux Be careful. It is on free hosting.

June 25 2008: UnitedBux - Owner having problems with English. Also, have hidden frames in the background that may have viruses. UnitedBux

June 25 2008: OldSchoolBux Some members can't login. Database problems. OldSchoolBux

June 25 2008: ClixEarn - Complaints of non-payment. ClixEarn

June 25 2008: Elitepay Be careful. It is on free host. Elitepay

June 25 2008: BuxBank Members from China can to convert to ads. They can request for payout only if they are Annual Premium Members.

June 24 2008: BuxHeaven belong to the owner of DreamBux which is gone. Buxheaven

June 24 2008: ThinkBux - Payout is now at $4.50 instead of $2.

June 24 2008: GiBux Asian members need to upgrade to be paid if they have more than 15 in their downline.

June 24 2008: Clickosaurus New owner asks members to let him know if they have any unresolved payments etc.

June 23 2008: Stylebux has the losing referral problem. StyleBux

June 23 2008: KableBux Members from Republic of China, North and South Korea, Thailand, India, and Mongolia must purchase 1 YEAR Premium Membership to receive payout.

June 23 2008: PandaBux has the losing referral problem. PandaBux

June 23 2008: 24bux Account suspended by AlertPay. 24bux

June 23 2008: DolphinDollarsGpt You must upgrade to be paid.

June 22 2008: 66Bux - All earnings are for advertising purposes.

June 22 2008: is a scam. No site can pay $100 per email.

June 22 2008: EmailPaysU - complaints of non-payment. EmailPaysU

June 22 2008: XClix Check this link at their forum to find out the dates of payment. XClix

June 22 2008: Pay2Surf Be careful. A payout of $40 and floating pay rate of up to 8 cents. A very likely scam.

June 22 2008: DailyClicksPro Complaints of non-payment. dailyClicksPro

June 22 2008: Better-bux Be careful of the cheat link. Better-bux

June 22 2008: ZXClicks promoting autoclickers for Not good. ZXClicks

June 21 2008: Buxolution is paying 1.5 cents per click and only earn 0.8 cents per ad. may not last long. buxolution

June 21 2008: EuroTradeMails is a scam. No site can pay $10 per email.

June 21 2008: BuxParadise paying 1.25 cents per click. May not be able to last for long. buxparadise

June 20 2008: Advertunited may have the same owner as MinBux & MinCashBux which are both closed. advertunited

June 20 2008: Ninebux was accused by the owner of alfabux of hacking into his site. ninebux

June 20 2008: Lava-bux same owner as bux-4-clicks who have had some sites that disappeared. Lava-bux

June 20 2008: CooperativeMail added to boycott list of Gptboycott.

June 19 2008: - Owner seems to be new to PTC.

June 19 2008: BestPaidBux - Complaints of non-payment. BestPaidBux

June 19 2008: Buxear,,,, are on the same host and may have the same owner. Beware, some of them are already scams. Buxear

June 19 2008: AlertPayBux TOS - "As a Free member,The amount of Money that You will be able to cashout depends on the current available money generated by AlertPayBux and destinated to free members."

June 19 2008: NineBux Be careful. Paying 1.5 cents per click but earning only 0.2 cents per ad. May not last.

June 18 2008: Problems with script. BankBux

June 18 2008: bux-4-clicks Be careful. Different scripts with same domain. Bux-4-clicks

June 18 2008: ClassBux Be careful. It is on free hosting.

June 18 2008: BuxUp is back with new owner and paying pending payments. Watch out for cheat links. BuxUp

June 18 2008: seems to be down or gone. Bux2You

June 18 2008: AngelBux seems to be paying some people and not others. AngelBux

June 17 2008: Be careful with virus. Buxear

June 17 2008: has pay-ads which can download viruses etc. OldChildClicks

June 17 2008: Pronobux, Masterbux involved in fraud and payments reversed by AlertPay. Pornobux

June 17 2008: JJLBux belongs to Jeff Hung, owner of GGEpay which was a scam. JJLBux

June 17 2008: Workfor1dollar having some problems. workfor1dollar

June 17 2008: Starbux Be careful. It is on free hosting.

June 17 2008: BeyondEmails, StrawberryClicks, ThisSiteIsForReal on the watch list of GptBoycott

June 16 2008: Itabux is closing down. Write to admin to get partial refund. (Thanks Derek for the info) itabux

June 16 2008: Buxsandwich - paying 5 cents per click. Sounds too good to be true. buxsandwich

June 16 2008: Buxup is sold again. This time to the owner of buxbrasil. buxup

June 16 2008: 24bux - same owner as McBux. Refer to update June 8 about McBux. 24bux

June 15 2008: - same owner as crazyptc which was a scam. ad-cents

June 15 2008: endbux owner could be 15 years old. endbux

June 15 2008: - same owner as arabbux which was a scam. abux1

June 14 2008: - TOS - your earnings can only convert to ads.

June 14 2006: exothema - possibly same owner as invest-analyzer. Warning by Sabbie. exothema

June 13 2008: - earnings can only be converted to advertising. (thanks sebaro for the info)

June 13 2008:,, are all scams claiming to pay more than $100 per email. More such sites can be found at (thanks Sebaro for the info)

June 13 2008: Paybux - Be careful. It is on free hosting.

June 13 2008: Mibux - having some problems. mibux

June 13 2008: StrictPay - another new payment processor. Be careful. strictpay

June 12 2008: - same owner as Codebux was hacked. codebux

June 12 2008: - the owner seems to be a newbie. mehdiyev

June 12 2008: Justbux giving fake payments. JustBux

June 12 2008:,,,,,,,,,, all redirects to Beanybux. Be careful about the cheat links. BeanyBux

June 12 2008: Coinmachine, BlackGoldptc - problems and sites may close down. Coinmachine

June 11 2008:,,,,,,,, are all scams that claim to pay $100 per email. There are more on this site (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

June 11 2008: either gone or hacked. It redirects to adboost. (thanks digger88 for the info)

June 11 2008: seems to be gone. (Thanks digger88 for the info)

June 11 2008: owner seems to be missing. ClickPay

June 11 2008: Bux-jungle, bux-fever belong to the same owner and both do not seem to be paying. bux-jungle

June 11 2008: Adverbux is back with a new owner and I just received payment from my previous request. Definitely a pleasant surprise. adverbux

June 10 2008: Mendicus has the "losing referral" bug. mendicus

June 10 2008: Whoehoe - owner pretended to pay himself. whoehoe

June 10 2008: Gpmptc seems to be gone. gpmptc

June 10 2008: Cash-hi ptp is only for upgraded members. cash-hi

June 10 2008: BloomingCash - you will need a verified paypal or proof of id in order to be paid.

June 10 2008: RetroBux - site was hacked. (Thanks retro admin for the info)

June 9 2008: Lifebux on free hosting. Be careful - (thanks maher for the info)

June 9 2008: BuxClixMoney Be careful it is on free hosting.

June 8 2008: orangebux - be careful. It is on free hosting

June 8 2008: schnellbux - be careful. It is on free hosting

June 8 2008: World-Clix - same owner as Croclix. world-clix

June 8 2008: Buxear account frozen by ALertPay.

June 8 2008: same owner as Papajuans which disappeared without paying. mcbux

June 8 2008: Jthcorp same owner as ggepay and ggmvp sites. Warning by Sabbie. jthcorp

June 6 2008: bux-4-clicks 10 cents per click and 5 cents per referral click. Nobody can pay this much for a click.

June 6 2008: was hacked.

June 6 2008: BuxKingdom Be careful. Paying 1 cent per click but only charging 0.1 cent per ad.

June 6 2008: Buximizer All payments are for advertising only.

June 6 2008: PTCash seems to be gone. ptcash

June 5 2008: is now ads only. All payments are for ads only. (Thanks Bob for the info)

June 5 2008: CashMyBux, MakeMyBux, ClickMyBux, EarnMyBux all belong to the same MyBux network.

June 5 2008: AdverBux is for sale. (Thanks Jetje for the info)

June 5 2008: AglocoMails, APairOf, CashBux, FlashRich, IncomeBux, PlanetPTR added to the watchlist of GptBoycott.

June 5 2008: MyBizs added to the boycott list of GptBoycott.

June 5 2008: buxear Be careful, it uses pay-ads which has viruses etc.

June 4 2008: bux24 Definitely not sustainable - Paying 6 cents per click and charging 0.1 cent per ad.

June 4 2008: QWork - not possible for a site to pay $100 per click. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

June 4 2008: Fishmails - not possible for a site to pay $200 per email. (Thanks George for the info)

June 4 2008: is an ads only site. All earnings are converted to ads.

June 4 2008: Creditburners and 0Iframes A good explanation of how they can be harmful to your computer. creditburners

June 4 2008: - Be careful. It is on free hosting.

June 4 2008: CanadianClix - Paying 0 cents per click. canadianclix

June 4 2008: Buxvisit - Alertpay account suspended and problems with host. buxvisit

June 4 2008: TheRichCash, HonestBux are back. All previous members and payments are still valid. Yay to admins who keep to their words that they will be back.

June 3 2008: AcidClickz added to the scam list of talkptc. acidclickz

June 3 2008: Wrmoney Not sustainable - Paying 2 cents per click and charging 0.8 cents per ad. wrmoney

June 3 2008: GG-Bux do not accept members from China. GG-bux

June 3 2008: seems to have losing referral problem. e-bux

June 3 2008: - not telling the truth. flashpay

June 3 2008: kooplinks, myclix, nemojrclicks, synergygpt, nippyclicks - all belong to gptnetworks. Your account will be suspended if you fail the cheat check more than 3 times. gptnetworks

June 2 2008: - paying 2 cents per click and charging only 0.9 cents per ad. Can they pay? Same owner as McBux which did not pay. 2ree

June 2 2008: - better stay away. It has the CreditBurner ads that can have virus and spyware.

June 2 2008: - paying 2 cents per click and charging only 0.6 cents per ad. Be careful. McBux

June 2 2008:,,, - belong to the same owner. requires you to upgrade to be paid and complaints of non-payment. Be careful of the others.

June 2 2008: - paying 1.5 cents per click and charging 0.5 cents per ad. Is it possible?

June 2 2008: Neobux - Be aware that the referrals that you pay for are on rent for one month only.

June 1 2008: has deleted all standard members and erased their balance and only upgraded members will be paid. Closing down.

June 1 2008: PTCash - they are having database problems; losing members and referrals. PTCash

June 1 2008: - lots of complaints at the forum.

June 1 2008: deleted members' accounts.

June 1 2008: Bux3 - members can't login or have their accounts been deleted? bux3

June 1 2008: Isabelmarco is down due to problems at the hosting company. Isabelmarco

June 1 2008: GGepay says in their blog that they are going to partner with FoxCash which is not true. GGepay

Latest Updates and Reviews - May 2008

These are not necessarily scams, but information that may be useful.

May 31 2008: Xeni-dk Paying 1 cent per click but only charging 0.1 cent per advert. Can they survive?

May 31 2008: GG-Bux "Currently in pre-launch you will not get paid to click yet""All accounts will be reset upon launch of GG-Bux"

May 31 2008: Buxwanted can't pay because their AlertPay account is suspended. Buxwanted

May 31 2008: Nominbux is down due to hosting problems - according to the owners. Nominbux

May 31 2008: Iframes Explanation of the dangers of 0Iframes. Iframes

May 30 2008: SilverBux Be careful with cheat link or you will be flagged as cheater.

May 30 2008: BuxP Be careful of cheat link that will erase all your earnings. Members from China will have to upgrade to be paid.

May 30 2008: Hypoads Ads only site. Earnings are for advertising purposes only.

May 30 2008: Greenbux Be careful. It is on free hosting -

May 30 2008: Bux3 Members are missing referrals. Bux3

May 30 2008: CrewBux Only premium members can request through paypal.

May 30 2008: Clixmania seems to be gone. Clixmania

May 29 2008: paid2click Be careful. It is on free hosting -

May 29 2008: Jetgen TOS - All earnings is for advertising purposes.

May 29 2008: TimeforCafe has banned people from China.

May 29 2008: Buxbrasil Virus warning. Buxbrasil

May 29 2008: Buxtc Virus warning. Buxtc

May 28 2008: Bluebux Be aware that it is on free hosting.

May 28 2008: Microbux uses Payads which has viruses. Microbux

May 28 2008: under new management.

May 28 2008: has a new admin that seems to be paying. The admin is from buxbrasil Buyas

May 28 2008: persianptc 0-iframes on homepage. Persianptc

May 28 2008: click-cents owner had many sites that disappeared. click-cents

May 28 2008: Buxology If your downlines click on cheat links your account gets deducted too. buxology

May 27 2008: same owner as which has some complaints of non-payment. fullbux

May 27 2008: Buxtc same owner as Masterbux. buxtc

May 27 2008: Lifebux Be careful. It is on free hosting,

May 27 2008:,,,,,, are all scams. No one can pay $200 per email. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

May 27 2008: Angelbux Owner is Scott from Diffusion Studios or is it now Kayla. angelbux

May 27 2008: loyalbux Owner seems to be new to PTC. loyalbux

May 27 2008: gkcash, blue-mails, fun-mails are scams. Nobody can pay $200 to $2000 per mail. (Thanks Sebaro for the info)

May 26 2008: BuxClickMoney Be careful. They are on free hosting. BuxClickMoney.AlterVista.ORG

May 26 2008: IceBux Their IceBux store seems to be selling "party pills" and their site has Credit Burner that has virus and spyware. icebux This has now been disputed by the owner. Read the guestbook.

May 26 2008: PacificClicks seem to have a long history. - - Site closed down. 2. - closed and sold a few times and now restarted. pacificclicks

May 26 2008: APairof is now paying in ads only. apairof

May 25 2008: TheRichCash making a comeback on Jun 1. Owner said that he will pay back those he owed when he closed down the site. therichcash

May 25 2008: Buxil They have a banner at the bottom of the home page that says "Buy this site for $10"

May 25 2008: GelPay owner seems quite new to PTC. gelpay

May 25 2007: is on free domain/host and only pay with ads.

May 25 2008: PacificClicks now has the same owner as kooplinks. pacificclicks

May 24 2008: BuxEarnings Complaints of non-payment. BuxEarnings

May 24 2008: Crewbux Another strange requirement "If you make payout from other ip than you join so your payment will deny" In some countries, the IPs are dynamic and changes all the time!

May 24 2008: Payment requests refunded into accounts. dailyclicks

May 24 2008: Croclix is back with older database. croclix

May 24 2008: I received my payment from them after waiting since Dec 30 2007. buxto

May 24 2008: Masterbux is suddenly paying again. Masterbux

May 23 2008: Retrobux: Same owner as agebux and directbux which were both scams. Retrobux

May 23 2008: Sharebux: Owner is selling the site. Sharebux

May 23 2008: Site is down for a makeover according to the message in the forum.

May 22 2008: YayClicks: is gone. Thanks phreakish for the info.

May 22 2008: Frbux: Beware it is on free domain.

May 22 2008: QuickerClix: Same owner as Tincity which was scam. QuickerClix

May 22 2008: Western Union: Beware of phishing mail. It is not from Western Union. Western Union

May 22 2008: Ultra-bux: Changing to a new script. All members' earnings will be lost.Ultra-Bux

May 22 2008: MoneyClicks: You need to upgrade to see your referrals.

May 22 2008: ClixMania: lots of complaints at their forum and admin is not answering. ClixMania

May 22 2008: HolyBux: is gone and now redirects to Beany Bux

May 22 2008: Cashbux: Be careful. It is on free domain.

May 21 2008: ClickPropaganda the same owner as ClickSensation.

May 21 2008: Surebux Starting again. All previous members and earnings are gone.

May 21 2008: 07bux lots of complaints at their forum.

May 20 2008: Depacco is a scam. No site can pay $10 per email. (Thanks ujiana for the info)

May 20 2008: HolyBux There are rumors that it is owned by a 13 year-old. Holybux

May 20 2008: IsabelMarco members inactive for more than 20 days will be deleted.

May 20 2008: Buxone after scamming so many people is now making a comeback. Refer to update April 10.

May 20 2008: TripleBux info from ggepay to say the triplebux could be a scam. Triplebux

May 20 2008: ClickSensation Payouts to members in China,Taiwan,and Hong Kong will only be to Upgraded members that have Verified Paypal .

May 19 2008: Buxjunction, Buxify You will need to upgrade to be paid.

May 19 2008: BeanyBux lots of clicks, but if you click a cheat link your account gets reset to zero.

May 19 2008: Technobux is back, but all previous payments and members are gone. (Thanks Ivy for the info)

May 19 2008: CrewBux Lots of complaints in their forum about losing referrals. (Thanks shalumalaka for the info). Also, read update May 9.

May 19 2008: AlertPTC same owner as brptc that is gone without paying. AlertPTC

May 19 2008: belongs to Oliver Jensen, the owner of earnbux, instantads that are gone without paying. He also owns buxptc.

May 19 2008: Rumors that the owner is 16 years old. HappyClix

May 18 2008: Can they pay 3 cents per click but only charge 1 cent per advertising click?

May 18 2008: GGTheatre only pays via GGepay. Be careful with ggepay. Read update April 25 2008

May 18 2008: xFoxbux Be careful. They have pay-ads on the site which will load all sorts of spyware and viruses on to your computer.

May 18 2008: Bux88 almost all ads lead to adult sites.

May 18 2008: Seven-bux owned by premier ptc network

May 18 2008: X3Bux has links to adult sites.

May 18 2008: Paykings owned by craig murray. He also owns buxsense, buxit, earnrevenue which are either "sold" or not paying. Paykings

May 18 2008: Belongs to the same owner as Hot-bux, Paid2clickads, Spiderbux which were converted to ads-only sites after awhile.

May 18 2008: PTCash "We are having some issues with the Server, Such as Viewing ADs, and Captcha errors. We are working to solve it as soon as possible."

May 17 2008: Nominbux Be careful. Is it possible for a site to run without minimum payout? They seem to be pushing hard to get referrals at pre-launch.

May 17 2008: TOS - "you can't request a cashout to alertpay. Only trade for ads." (My warning at May 15 is proven true)

May 17 2008: Mincashbux, Minbux are gone without paying.

May 17 2008: Bux4all is down.

May 17 2008: DaddyBux The payout button is enabled again. daddybux

May 17 2008: 07bux has the "losing" referral problem.

May 16 2008: BuddyPond Not many ads a day, but they pay and reply to queries promptly.

May 16 2008: Bigxbux2 ( suppose to be 4 cents per click but no money received. (Thanks kacaubird for the info)

May 16 2008: has the "losing referral" problem.

May 15 2008: 1stBux Members who are inactive for more than 7 days will be deleted.

May 15 2008: Be careful. 2 cents per click and $2 payout sounds too good to be true.

May 15 2008: Emobux proofs of payments - a bit suspicious. Emobux

May 15 2008: Paykings you need to pay to sign-up.

May 15 2008: Bux88 the owner that was promoting it at PTCTalk is leaving. Bux88

May 15 2008: Bux100 account suspended.

May 15 2008: KoolKlickins, NetWinner added to the watch list of PTCBoycott

May 14 2008: pttracker Complaint of delayed payment and the forum is under maintenance for over a month (Thanks reisuke for the info)

May 14 2008: BuxBrasil uses pay-ads which have pop-ups and viruses.

May 14 2008: Buxology is up again with an aurora script.

May 14 2008: TripleBux Errors in the members' stats. TripleBux

May 14 2008: Uronlinebux TOS - Inactive accounts are deleted after 2 weeks.

May 14 2008: MysearchFund Complaints of searches being deleted. Mysearchfund

May 14 2008: Bux2you Clicks are not credited. Bux2you

May 13 2008: ClickHereToProfit Owner planning to sell the site. ClickHereToProfit

May 13 2008: Conceptbux Problems with the script. ConceptBux

May 13 2008: Buxearnings All payments need to be made to their new AlertPay account

May 13 2008: LazydogClicks, Nicevilleptc Problems with host. LazyDogClicks

May 12 2008: Extra10 belongs to the same owner as earn3, clicksia and incentria.

May 12 2008: does not belong to clixncash. OneBux

May 12 2008: Possibly the same owner as profbux which have complaints of non-payment. JustBux

May 12 2008: Very suspicious. Paying 4 cents per click.

May 12 2008: Fxlayer Be careful. It is blacklisted for 0-iframes and viruses. (Thanks Stalky for the info)

May 12 2008: VipBux Be careful with the cheat links. VipBux

May 12 2008: Chick-mails, rat-mails are definitely scams. No one can pay $20-$200 per mail. Thanks Daniel for the info.

May 12 2008: Earn3 has raised its payout to $10 (Thanks mrnintendo for the info).

May 12 2008: PTCash has raised its payout to $5.

May 11 2008: BuxPlace, BuxtoAds, EuroToAds belong to the same owner. BuxToAds and EuroToAds are for advertising only.

May 11 2008: Be careful. It is on free hosting. MoneyClicks

May 11 2008:, very few ads. (Thanks Mathmaticious for the info)

May 11 2008:,,, belongs to the same owner and has not been paying (Thanks bayoujim for the info)

May 11 2008: is now

May 11 2008: Workfor1dollar belongs to the same owner as nitroclix which is gone now. workfor1dollar

May 11 2008: Pro-ads belong to Ronnie and very few ads. Refer to update April 28. pro-ads

May 11 2008; HispanoBux is on sale. hispanobux

May 11 2008: CrazyPTC is gone. crazyptc

May 11 2008: DonkeyMails, No-minimum Do not reply to the email that say that you have won $400. It is a phishing email trying to get your info.

May 10 2008: ByteBux same owner as Kooplinks and PTC-house.

May 10 2008: Buxx7 has premium clicks of 2 cents and payout of 2 cents?

May 10 2008: BuxPlace 50% of your earned money to your AlertPay account and 50% can be redeemed for advertising.

May 10 2008: The home page says they pay via stormpay, but stormpay was a payment processor that was a scam has been gone for a long time. - May 13 - They have replaced stormpay with paypal (Thanks Angelo for the info)

May 10 2008: Croclix, Buxology are down because of hosting problems. croclix

May 10 2008: TOS - You can not refer other people via your referral link. But you can buy referrals at InvestBux and you will will only earn referral income those that you have bought and have been added to your account.

May 10 2008: Soulbux is down or could be gone.

May 9 2008: TinCity Not paying because Admin said that his paypal account was hacked. tincity

May 9 2008: AdverBux You will receive 1 referral exchange credit per each referral you have that is banned. adverbux

May 9 2008: Crewbux In the register page of the site - "If you registered in without referer, you get $0.11 reg bonus!" I think that they are "stealing" your referrals by paying them not to join you.

May 9 2008: Americanbux Be careful. It is on a free domain.

May 9 2008: BuxAds Complaints of non-payment. buxads

May 9 2008: Cashmybux, Makemybux, Clickmybux Your referrals need to sign-up using IE and not Firefox or you will lose them.

May 9 2008: Place4Earn only pays to e-gold.

May 8 2008: Bux-Jungle How can they pay 2 cents per click when they only charge 0.2 cents for adverts?

May 8 2008: Clixmania taking longer to pay. clixmania

May 8 2008: PlusBux Will not be paying because their account is suspended. plusbux

May 8 2008: Buxvisit Members from China can only redeem for ads.

May 8 2008: Goodbux Complaints of non-payment. Same owner as which is also not paying. goodbux

May 8 2008: TFBpaidclicks has a new owner.

May 7 2008: Globalbux Complaints of non-payment. globalbux

May 7 2008: RevolutionBux "You can use the site for ads or you can redeem the ads for shares of the sales for that month."

May 7 2008: MinBux, MinCashBux sites are slow or not accessible due to hosting problems. Admin said should be fixed soon.

May 7 2008: Freshbux problems with referrals' link.

May 7 2008: Clix4money account suspended.

May 7 2008: Mibux is down due to server upgrade.

May 7 2008: FoxCash All suspended members due to the bugged link is now restored. (refer to yesterday's update)

May 6 2008: DivinitysClick Members from China need to upgrade to be paid.

May 6 2008: Foxcash Beware of this Ad link "BusyClicks -1 Payout". It will get your account suspended. It was a bug.

May 6 2008: Surebux Payout is $20.00 via PayPal within 30 business days. Be careful, PayPal may also suspend their account.

May 6 2008: PTCash is Not related to xclix or foxcash but the owners are friends. ptcash

May 6 2008: CashMyBux Watch out for cheat links that would remove your earnings.

May 6 2008: AlertBux same owner as that reset members account, citing PayPal problems. alertbux

May 5 2008: Bux88 You must click at least one search result per day in order to be paid, but search engines do not allow forced searches and their account may be banned. bux88

May 5 2008: payments are only for advertising.

May 5 2008: MakemyBux same owner as CashmyBux

May 5 2008:,, has been sold. ubux

May 5 2008: is for sale. Buyas

May 5 2008: 1stBux is up again.

May 5 2008: is down.

May 5 2008: Nightbux No ads and the admin is not at the forum since early April NightBux

May 4 2008: Skybux, discobux admin sent a rude email. SkyBux

May 4 2008: Ultra-Bux problems with referrals' links on Firefox. Ultra-Bux

May 4 2008: BroadBandClicks sending spam mail to non-members. (Thanks Diana for the info) BroadBandClicks

May 4 2008: Divinitysclicks owned by Michelle Lanser. Same owner as paymentchain which has been down. Anyone who bought upgrades on paymentchain can contact her and she will give them the upgrade on divinityclicks. divinitysclicks

May 4 2008: CashmyBux is down.

May 4 2008: Croclix Changing to new server.

May 4 2008: Buxup is now sold to Zack. buxup

May 4 2008: Admonsta, fusionbux Started by the same owner as DiceAd which had a lot of pending payments. admonsta

May 4 2008: GoldAds "Cashout only after 5th of May to Premium Users and 10th May to standard." Beware. They have added links to adult sites.

May 4 2008: Paid2Seek do not pay to non-US residents. Read the help section on their site.

May 4 2008: lots of complaints at the forum and no response from the Admin. getbux and now it has been hacked. (Thanks Derek for the info)

May 3 2008: Apairof raised the minimum payout from $1 to $5 and are not sending any more mails. (Thanks Diana for the info)

May 3 2008: They are charging 0.9 cents per click. How can they pay 2 cents per click and 2 cents per referral's click?

May 3 2008: Ubux is for sale again. ubux But, the owner said it is not for sale. ubux

May 3 2008: SpiderBux Now, earnings are for advertising only. Read update May 1.

May 3 2008: FoxCash is up again after the hack attempt. Check to make sure that your details are not changed.

May 3 2008: FundSwapping, Move-funds Be careful with sites that allow you to transfer from Paypal to other payment processors - you could get your Paypal account frozen.

May 2 2008: Gpmptc Problems with referral purchase. gpmptc

May 2 2008: FoxCash site was hacked.

May 2 2008: CashHarvest same owner as

May 2 2008: CashFromAds is for sale. cashfromads

May 2 2008: Complaints of non-payment.

May 2 2008: Complaints of non-payment.

May 2 2008: AdverBux If you have a blue membership and can't login because your country is banned, try to use this link to login

May 1 2008: AdverBux "Hey guys,
We have been forced to initiate some major changes to the Adverbux system. We have found many people from both middle eastern and asian countries cheating the adverbux system via fake referrals and using software bots to play arcade games - we cannot let this continue. We've had a couple hack attempts, and a DOS attack originate in China. We've also received hundreds of chargebacks (total of over $1,000 USD) recently via google checkout, all from these different regions... As a result, we deem it not in the best interest of the site to maintain a presence in these countries. Adverbux will, from now on, only be available to internet users from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you are not from one of the listed countries, but purchased an upgrade (blue membership) on adverbux, we will let you keep your account. Likewise, if you purchased any referral packs, just send an email to "" and we will restore your account to you.

I apologize again for this. It is not something I wanted to do - I tried to hold out as long as I could, but the risk outweighs any potential benefits of operating in countries from Asia, the middle east, and elsewhere.

Thank you for understanding,
Seanybob" - Another shocking news.

May 1 2008: new name for RapidCashBux.

May 1 2008: Members from China can't have more than 10 members unless they are bought.

May 1 2008: Notbux Be careful. It is on free hosting.

May 1 2008: Neobux Read the TOS - "3.7. The clicks you win from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. The maximum you will receive is twice the clicks per referral on the day after your clicks." neobux

May 1 2008: MoppelBux Owner making false claims. moppelbux

May 1 2008: SkyBux, DiscoBux has the same owner and she accused SpiderBux of being a scam. skybux

May 1 2008: Signup fees $0.1 which is then transferred back to you on your account. Same owner as

May 1 2008: Cash-Harvest same owner as

May 1 2008: PrizeeBux complaints of losing referrals. prizee-bux

May 1 2008: Bux-it complaints of non-payment. bux-it

May 1 2008:,, belongs to the same owner and has not been paying.

May 1 2008:,,,, and are all for sale. will not be for sale. Shocking news for all. (Thanks Corus & rrr for the info)

Latest Updates and Reviews - April 2008

These are not necessarily scams, but information that may be useful.

April 30 2008: related to BusyClicks, MexClicks and HonestBux but people are still waiting for payout at Honestbux. clickmonster

April 30 2008: Scambux The name says it all.

April 30 2008: is down and seems to be gone.

April 30 2008: MyPayScript is for sale again.

April 30 2008: Click2BePaid 12 cents per click and $40 payout. How can the owner afford to pay that?

April 30 2008: is down.

April 30 2008: Buxup was suppose to be sold to Angela Yaun. However, this has been denied by Angela and that the site is still with Alex, the old owner. buxup

April 30 2008: FinancialFreedomAds no longer accept members from China.

April 29 2008: TOS - No cash payouts will be made to members from the following countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Members from these countries may redeem their earnings for advertising.

April 29 2008: Bux2ads.getabux do not pay cash. It is for advertising only.

April 29 2008: Dreambux is for sale. dreambux

April 29 2008: bought over

April 29 2008: ItalianBux, ItalianClick You could be banned for putting referral links in forums. italianbux

April 29 2008: is back up.

April 29 2008: Clixmania Complaints of non-payment. clixmania

April 29 2008:,,,,,,, have the same owner. Coinclicks is a known scam and so be careful about the others.

April 29 2008: Adverbux back up with new server and new additions.

April 28 2008: complaints of non-payment & not responding to messages (Thanks bayoujim for the info)

April 28 2008: is down again, showing 404 Page Not Found. (Thanks Kal-El for the info)

April 28 2008: RapidCashBux Members from China can have maximum 15 referrals or must be premium.

April 28 2008: Adverbux Down due to server upgrade.

April 28 2008: Weezybux Be careful. It is on free hosting.

April 28 2008: EZrefs No cash, only for advertising.

April 28 2008: Beanybux TOS - 30 business days for premium and 50 business days for standard members. (Thanks Kal-El for the info)

April 28 2008: Buxup is for sale. Its owner is Alex Hawke who started which is now gone. buxup

April 28 2008: Buxptc The owner is Oliver Jensen. He also started and earnbux which are both gone. buxptc

April 28 2008: traffic-masters, extreme-bux, extreme-ads, extreme-earnings,,, world-bux, masterclicks, moneycycler, alertpayrandomizer, max-ptc All belong to Ronnie. Be careful. Traffic-masters and extreme-bux are gone. Masterclicks only pay upgraded members. more info

April 28 2008: DiceAd owner wants to sell site. dicead

April 27 2008: is for advertising only.

April 27 2008: gives false payouts. dailybux

April 27 2008: Bux-Fever 50+ ads at 2 cents each. How can the owner afford that?

April 27 2008: Livebux Payout time is now 80 business days.

April 27 2008: DreamBux is gone.

April 27 2008: TripleBux pays via ggepay, but be careful with ggepay. Read update April 25 2008.

April 27 2008: TaketheInternetBack has raised its payout from $20 to $50.

April 26 2008: Uberbux Members from China must upgrade to be paid.

April 26 2008: AlertPayBux violating AlertPay's copyright.

April 26 2008: Boostbux closed down.

April 26 2008: Greatbux Complaints of non-payment. greatbux

April 26 2008: Vicpay Be careful. It is on free hosting.

April 26 2008: Complaints of non-payment. GoodBux has the same owner.

April 26 2008: Max-ptc Same owner as,, Worldbux, Extreme-bux and AlertPayRandomizer. Extreme-bux has been closed down. max-ptc

April 26 2008: EuroClickers, Buxmania Complaints of non-payment. euroclickers

April 26 2008: PacificClicks The owner of the site, Jeffrey Johnson, said, "Due to all criticism of me I am closing site for 7 days. If they keep complaining then site will stay closed."

April 25 2008: PotofGoldPTC How can they afford 2-10 cents per click and $100 daily referral contest. (Thanks dhoni for the info)

April 25 2008: Mibux Honest members from China need to post at forum to reactivate account. mibux

April 25 2008: 07bux down for server upgrade.

April 25 2008: SynergyGpt, CoolCatMails on the watch list of gptboycott.

April 25 2008:, closing down. Buxup (same owner) has very few ads. (Thanks jetje for the info)

April 25 2008: MyspacePTC violating the copyrights of MySpace.

April 25 2008: MyEasyClicks same owner as rapidcashbux.

April 25 2008: Iclix Be careful It is on free hosting.

April 25 2008: Ggepay Another new payment processor. Be careful. The other new payment processor, mypayscript, was investigated by the FBI. Read the following warning ggepay

April 25 2008: CashmyBux currently has the "losing referral" problem.

April 25 2008: Italianbux all non Italians must be upgraded in order to get paid. (Thanks gitsygitsygoo for the info)

April 25 2008: complaint of non-payment (Thanks Ds85 for the info)

April 24 2008:SuperStarMail Complaints of non-payment. (Thanks Doreen for the info)

April 24 2008: Bux2You site is up for some people. (Thanks jetje37 for the info)

April 24 2008: PacificClicks change of owner and TOS. You are allowed to have only one pending payout and only a maximum withdrawal of $1. pacificclicks

April 24 2008: Money-website only 2 ads per day for the last 2 months.

April 24 2008: Mishbux seems to be gone.

April 24 2008: Triplebux account suspended. Refer also to update April 19.

April 24 2008: Minbux, MinCashbux Members from China must be premium or a maximum of 5 referrals to be paid. minbux

April 24 2008: Cash-linkz Complaints of non-payment. cash-linkz

April 24 2008: GGbux Complaints of non-payment. ggbux

April 24 2008: Bee-Gold Clix According to the admin, the site was hacked and the money was stolen. bee-gold

April 23 2008: Complaints of non-payment. (Thanks Ds85 for the info)

April 23 2008: is up again. (Thanks cashmoney for the info)

April 23 2008: Bgpaymail Although Gptboycott has Bgpaymail on their list, I have removed it from mine because there are quite a lot of payout proofs in their forum. (Thanks halexzo for the info)

April 23 2008: SimpleClickerBux same owner as simpleclicker

April 23 2008: MinCashBux same owner as minbux.

April 23 2008: PacificClicks owner selling the site. pacificclicks

April 23 2008: FoxCash Problems with AlertPay account.

April 23 2008: closed because it was breaking the server's rules.

April 23 2008: Gogobux seems to be gone.

April 23 2008: Nightbux did not process upgrades. nightbux

April 22 2008: Complaint of canceled payment.

April 22 2008: has a 60 day payout for standard members - bayoujim (Guestbook)

April 22 2008: online4ads did not pay nor answer emails - bajt52 (Guestbook)

April 22 2008: made fake payouts - ds85 (Guestbook)

April 22 2008: same owner as honestbux

April 22 2008: Daddybux Payout has been stopped for many months.

April 22 2008: Morehunks Be careful of cheat links or your money will be gone.

April 22 2008: PaymentChain is down due to hosting problems.

April 22 2008: Boostbux is down because AlertPay has frozen their account,

April 22 2008: and Be careful. They are both on free hosting.

April 22 2008: Profbux Complaints of non-payment and deletion of accounts. Profbux

April 21 2008: TagsandAds started by the same owner as Adstab.

April 21 2008: PTClix has banned the following countries: Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Ukraine

April 21 2008: It is a site for advertising. You will not get paid.

April 21 2008: Snoopycash sold to dimensionx-gfx

April 21 2008: Masterbux Site and forum seemed to be abandoned. They have also started ClickEarn, so be careful with that. Masterbux

April 21 2008: Be careful. They have pay-ads on the site which will load all sorts of spyware and viruses on to your computer. ArtClicks

April 21 2008: Dafbux Complaint of non-payment. Dafbux

April 20 2008: Buddypond not taking in members from China.

April 20 2008: Suspicious stats. It is not possible for a new site to have so many members - 110751.

April 20 2008: Israbux Can they pay? They charge 0.1 cent per click but pays 1 cent per click.

April 20 2008: 101Clix Can they pay? They charge 0.2 cent per click but pays 1 cent per click.

April 20 2008:, Earn3 down for server upgrade.

April 20 2008: Gogobux complaints of no payment and no ads. Gogobux

April 20 2008: Bux2You account suspended. It used Hostgator which does not support PTC sites.

April 20 2008: Sharebux The new owner is Jordan Brown, who is also the owner of Tempscript. Sharebux

April 20 2008: AussieMails Complaint of purchased referrals. AussieMails

April 19 2008: Clix-hits closing down on 30th April. clix-hits

April 19 2008: went through "maintenance" and referrals are gone. clicad

April 19 2008: SnoopyCash you would need to re-register because the 'old' snoopycash is now merged with SimpleStash. snoopycash

April 19 2008: is down.

April 19 2008: Triplebux same owner as which was a scam. triplebux

April 19 2008: Rainingbux, buxrusonline seem to be gone. ParadiseClicks also belongs to the same owner as rainingbux. rainingbux

April 19 2008: Complaints about its new owner.

April 19 2008:,, world-bux same owner and almost identical ads.

April 19 2008: message of having to upgrade to be paid is hidden in the cashout page. It has the same owner as, so be careful with that as well.

April 18 2008: BoostBux was hacked. Admin restored 10 days old database. boostbux

April 18 2008: PersianPTC only pays to e-gold at the moment.

April 18 2008 Be careful. It is on free hosting and the referral link does not work.

April 18 2008: FoxCash Started by the XClix Team.

April 18 2008: Complaint of non-payment. pstu

April 18 2008: Italianbux, ItalianClick You may be banned for putting your referral links in other forums. italianbux

April 18 2008: Honestbux is back. The database is not the latest and so your data may not be up to date. However, you can still click and the info will be merged in later. honestbux

April 18 2008: Makemyclick is gone

April 17 2008: How long can they pay? Charging 0.65 cents per ad but paying 1.25 cents per click.

April 17 2008: Sebasbux is down due to server upgrade.

April 17 2008: Due to a new payment system, all payment requests need to be re-submitted. ubux

April 17 2008: Honestbux down due to server crash. honestbux

April 17 2008: Crewbux Site is up again.

April 16 2008: is affiliated with but does not have many ads. bux3

April 16 2008: Be careful with the cheat link that will erase your balance if you click on it.

April 16 2008: Goldads has been hacked.

April 16 2008: tincity proof to show it belongs to the same owner as buckclix which was a scam. tincity

April 16 2008: You can only request it at 10, 20 and 30th day of the month. At those days its being changed from 5.000 to 5 dollars. (Thanks dj-smasher for the info)

April 16 2008: is now (Thanks insider for the info) ubux

April 16 2008: buxmania, euroclicker, camycosty complaints of non-payment. camycosty

April 16 2008: complaints of non-payment. dailyclicks

April 15 2008: is up again. (Thanks jetje37 & rikkot for the info)

April 15 2008: 1337bux.webspacemania changed to leetbux and the payout page only shows convert to ads. (Thanks namelessblurber for the info)

April 15 2008:, seems to be gone.

April 15 2008: Technobux no longer accept members from China.

April 15 2008: Corebux complaint of non-payment. corebux

April 15 2008: Uronlinebux FAQ - we do not accept users from China right now.

April 15 2008: Honestbux is down due to server crash.

April 15 2008: complaints of non-payment. incomebux

April 14 2008: Lots of complaints.

April 14 2008: IsabelMarco you can now start referring again.

April 14 2008: Snoopycash merging with simplestash. snoopycash

April 14 2008: has a new owner.

April 14 2008: Admin said that ubux is to be reopened and all earnings returned. ubux

April 14 2008:, getpaidbux are gone.

April 14 2008: Slashmysearch complaint of non-payment. slashmysearch

April 14 2008: TOS - Purchased referrals are only for 1 month.

April 14 2008: Payout is $125. (Thanks Corus for the info)

April 14 2008: PacificClicks China, Hong Kong, Taiwan will now be accepted but must have a VERFIED PAYPAL

April 14 2008: Gold5Plus complaint of non-payment. gold5plus

April 14 2008: lots of accusations and confusion. Latest news from Titan Networks.

April 14 2008: is closed.

April 13 2008: Croclix is banning all members from China.

April 13 2008: Triplebux Something fishy. Read this explaination by Sabbie. triplebux

April 13 2008: Beware. It is on free host and yet supposedly pay $1 per click and $99.99 payout. (Thanks Subho1 for the info)

April 13 2008: the new owner is closing the site and passing it back to the previous owner.

April 13 2008 do not take in members from China.

April 13 2008: Neobux currently at prelaunch. No ads to click. neobux

April 13 2008: Bux3, Worldbux, Money-cycler Complaint of non-payment. bux3

April 13 2008: Rockbux Beware. It is on free hosting.

April 13 2008: Xclix People from China are allowed in again.

April 13 2008: Rainingbux, paradiseclicks, buxrusonline seems to be gone.

April 13 2008: Honestbux, Xclix are up again.

April 13 2008: Boostbux is down due to server upgrade. boostbux

April 12 2008: Dreambux Be careful. Its owner is only 14 years old. dreambux

April 12 2008: is changing domain to In the meantime, use this link

April 12 2008: Technobux is in the process of moving host to

April 12 2008: Honestbux is down. Could be due to server attack.

April 12 2008: has changed into, and seems to be gone. (Thanks bayoujim for the info)

April 12 2008: "From now on to receive payments, it is compulsory for all members to join forums and to have at least one post, but no spamming please". (Thanks Hieronymus for the info)

April 12 2008: Beware. It is on free hosting.

April 12 2008: Clixearn a new site started by masterbux.

April 12 2008: is for sale.

April 12 2008: ClickVoid suppose to have changed owner, but it is suspected that it is still the same owner as velocityclicks which was a scam. clickvoid

April 12 2008: Adbux is going to pay by profit sharing. adbux

April 12 2008: has changed ownership and no longer belong to the TitanCash network. It is also in the process of changing server.

April 12 2008: BlueDragonClix deleted members' accounts. bluedragonclix

April 12 2008: problems with payment.

April 12 2008: Xclix message from the admin that there is a problem with the login.

April 12 2008: Eurocentbux is gone.

April 11 2008: is now

April 11 2008: Master-clicks is up again.

April 11 2008: Complaints of non-payment.

April 11 2008: Payingbux complaint of non-payment. payingbux

April 10 2008: SnoopyCash is down. snoopycash

April 10 2008: Buxone They charge $0.01 cent for adverts, but pay $0.06 per click and $0.10 for premium. How long can they pay? (Thanks Edd for the info) It also has the same owner as ptr-hun which was a scam. buxone

April 10 2008: Aussiemails You would need to click 100 clicks in 1 week in order to access payout page. aussiemails

April 10 2008: VelocityClicks selling the site, but did not pay its members. velocityclicks

April 10 2008: removed message of having to upgrade to be paid. Same owner as

April 10 2008: did not receive paid for referrals since 28th March (Thanks harmar for the info)

April 10 2008: Crewbux is now and payout changed from $2 to $5.

April 10 2008: is suspended.

April 9 2008: Can't be true - Started on March 31 and already has 11589 members. goodbux

April 9 2008: Onlybux Upgrade and referrals not received after payment. onlybux

April 9 2008: Boostbux has deleted all members from China

April 9 2008: has the "losing referral" problem.

April 9 2008: Be careful. Its trying to use the name of the site

April 9 2008: Master-clicks Site is down. No news from admin. master-clicks

April 9 2008: Buxdotcom complaints of non-payment. buxdotcom

April 9 2008: Xclix China is not allowed to enter xclix for a couple of days till they change to a new server due to a massive attack to their server yesterday with several chinese ips.

April 8 2008: Extrabux Beware. Another free hosting site

April 8 2008: SimpleClicker Be careful. It went down sometime ago without paying and is now up again. simpleclicker

April 8 2008: VipBux errors due to updating of servers. vipbux

April 8 2008: Masterbux is down for server upgrade.

April 8 2008: is on free hosting. Be careful.

April 8 2008: is down. No news from admin.

April 8 2008: seemed to have changed its name to incomebux

April 8 2008: Buxup seems to have the same owner as which was a scam. buxup

April 8 2008: Cash-linkz problems with ads solved. Thanks gilmour1 for the info.

April 8 2008: Extreme-bux is back, but it is up for sale. Thanks rdashman for the info. extreme-bux

April 8 2008: Gpmptc only paying to European countries

April 7 2008: EarnBux same owner as which is gone without paying. Earnbux

April 7 2008: same owner as coinclicks which was a scam. Fruitclicks

April 7 2008: same owner as which was a scam. X-bux

April 7 2008: DirectBux same owner as agebux which was a scam. directbux

April 7 2008: Realbuxs, MatrixBux Be careful. They are on free hosting.

April 7 2008: BotClicks "1 Million Link Credits Special! $2.50" seems a bit ridiculous

April 7 2008: Croclix no more referring, you will need to buy referrals. croclix

April 7 2008: Wolfbux, Bux4money Complaints of non-payment. wolfbux

April 6 2008: They charge 0.6 cents for adverts, but pay 3 cents per click. How are they going to pay?

April 5 2008: MadeinClicks complaints of non-payment. madeinclicks

April 5 2008: Buxmania is back on this link

April 5 2008: GloboClicks Cashout is only for premium members.

April 5 2008: ClickPay is up again

April 5 2008: do not pay. It is ads only site.

April 5 2008: and are all scams. Do not join and be careful with your Paypal accounts. (Thanks Sabbie for the info) uberbux

April 5 2008: Greatbux email and tickets to admin are not answered. Inconsistent number of ads. greatbux

April 5 2008: Buxto Server update - forum may not be accessible.

April 4 2008: Buxone down due to ddos attack.

April 4 2008: Extreme-ads, World-bux You are losing referrals. Your id does not appear in the referral field even when your referral link is used. (Thanks Stalky for the info) world-bux

April 4 2008: Cash-linkz problems with viewing ads.

April 4 2008: Blackbux Be careful. They are paying too high per click compared to what they charge to advertise for each click.

April 4 2008:,, has the same owner as coinclicks which was a scam. crabclicks

April 4 2008: Cashoutclix down due to hosting changes.

April 4 2008: some ads pay and some ads do not.

April 4 2008: Voobux complaints of no ads. voobux

April 4 2008: isbux Complaints of non payment. isbux

April 4 2008: no longer have supported ads for free members and so only one or two ads per day.

April 3 2008: Triplebux Mismatch of referral info. triplebux

April 3 2008: BoostBux not changing to ads only but reduce value of clicks. boostbux

April 3 2008: IncomeBux Paypal account limited. Members waiting for payment. incomebux

April 3 2008: Croclix is up again.

April 3 2008: Rosebux, Allstarbux almost no ads.

April 2 2008: Click4ads do not pay. It is an Ads only site.

April 2 2008: Boostbux may be changing to Ads only site, boostbux

April 2 2008: buxmania, euroclicker, camycosty are down. Could be due to server upgrades.

April 2 2008: Adbux relaunch with new features in May and will start paying only in June.

April 2 2008: TechnoBux Be careful. It is on free domain.

April 2 2008: Andreiuk Admin sent email to say that he can't pay. andreiuk

April 1 2008: Vipbux do not allow members from China.

April 1 2008: Yayclicks almost no ads to click. (Thanks Phreakish for the info)

April 1 2008: Be careful. The site was hacked and paying 7 cents per referral click is too good to be true.

April 1 2008: Croclix site is down.

April 1 2008: Popularbux site and forum seemed to be abandoned.

April 1 2008: Mypayscript I requested for withdrawal to Paypal. The withdrawal was denied and my money is gone.

Latest Updates and Reviews - March 2008

These are not necessarily scams, but information that may be useful.

March 31 2008: 365jobs4u complaints of non-payment. 365jobs4u

March 31 2008: Tincity suspected to have the same owner as buckclix which was a scam. (Thanks BRL for the info) tincity

March 31 2008: Conceptbux Be careful. It is on free domain.

March 31 2008: server down, should be back up soon. clickpay

March 31 2008: Adbux complaints of non-payment and very few ads. adbux

March 31 2008: Extreme-bux seems to be gone.

March 31 2008: BoostBux is closing down. (They had this message on their site briefly, but it seemed to be removed)

March 30 2008: dafbux has the same owner as arabbux and mdbux which disappeared without paying. (Thanks Sabbie for the info)

March 30 2008:,, are paying via AlertPay again.

March 30 2008: Tiserbux seems to be gone.

March 30 2008: HKbux Admin says that he has no money and cannot pay, but the site is still running and taking in unsuspecting members. hkbux

March 30 2008: does not pay. It is for advertising only.

March 30 2008: IsabelMarco "There is no more referring. You'll get paid $0.012 ($0,017 for premium) for your own clicks and $0.007 ($0,013 for premium) for your referrals' clicks".

March 30 2008: your account will be deleted if you are inactive for more than 30 days. ptczone

March 30 2008: TiktikCash has a payout of $100. Not quite feasible. tiktikcash

March 29 2008: Mypayscript is up again under new management.

March 29 2008: LatinPTC networks is up again.

March 29 2008: not accepting members from China as standard members.

March 29 2008: Triplebux problems with surfing ads. Admin said that the problem will be fixed soon.

March 29 2008: Crewbux site is up again. They had some hosting problems. crewbux

March 29 2008:, camycosty Be aware that you only get 0.1 cent and not 1 cent from your referrals' clicks. euroclickers

March 29 2008: Clicksempire I get this warning from Google when I try to visit the site. "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

March 29 2008: TOS says $10 min. payout but cashout page says $20. It also has the "losing referral" problem.

March 29 2008: Croclix removed the anti-cheat system so that it can slso run on IE.

March 29 2008: Plusbux Payout is now $5 instead of $2.

March 29 2008: Armybux when I try to visit the site, I get ths message from Google. "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

March 29 2008: DailyClicks paymemts taking longer than 30 working days for premium members. For free members, it will take at least 60 working days and on August 06, 2008, the min. will be $20. dailyclick

March 29 2008: Dollarcornerbux Be careful. Using free hosting.

March 29 2008: Earn3 belongs to the same owner as clicksia and incentria.

March 28 2008: Hkbux Owner shutting down the site. "For anyone who have $10+, they will get paid with $1 and the rest, you can convert to ads."

March 28 2008: seems to be gone.

March 28 2008: PBCash added to the watch list of gptboycott.

March 28 2008: Ugains added to boycott list of gptboycott.

March 28 2008: Maidenclick complaints of non-payment. maidenclick

March 28 2008: sincity, mexclicks, clickosaurus, fantasyptc, crazyptc, latinptc from the LatinPTC network is down. Admin said problem will be fixed soon.

March 28 2008: is closed. Admin plans to reopen it around April 14.

March 28 2008: does not say how much you will be paid for your referrals' clicks.

March 27 2008: ProwlingPanther server upgrade completed.

March 27 2008: Buxhome complaints of non-payment. buxhome

March 27 2008: Mypayscript having problems with FBI. mypayscript

March 27 2008: Stormofcash selling fake referrals. stormofcash

March 27 2008: Xclix is now back to at least 12 ads, but the payout has been raised to $10.

March 27 2008: KoopLinks, PTC-House, MakoCashFlow, EnergyClick, MNMbux which are part of the gptnetwork seems to be changing their ads into points.

March 27 1008: Croclix due to their new anti-cheat counter, you will need to use firefox if you want to be credited. They are working to fix the problem for IE.

March 26 2008: has been hacked. Seems to be everything gone. mybux

March 26 2008: Croclix all China members will be paid, including free members. Free members payout in 24 working days and premium members in 10 working days. croclix

March 26 2008: gogobux complaints of non-payment. gogobux

March 26 2008: alertpay I have just received a check from them. Yeah!

March 26 2008: complaint of non-payment. surfpay

March 25 2008:,,,,,,,, added to the uronlinebiz scam list

March 25 2008: HKbux payout option is disabled. "Payment will open up again when we finish the script upgraded." Also, complaints of non-payment.

March 25 2008: World-bux is affiliated with Bux3

March 25 2008: Earn3 is not affiliated with Bux3

March 25 2008: will be down for server updates.

March 25 2008: owner is said to be 15 years old. They also did not pay me. Lots of complaints in the forum.

March 25 2008: Goldclicks uses free domain. Be careful.

March 25 2008: AdverCash all pending payments for upgraded members have been paid

March 24 2008: AlertPay Some issues involving paying to bank accounts. alertpay (Thanks Bouketos for the info)

March 24 2008: Previous owner said to have sold it, but it is not clear who the new owner is.

March 24 2008; Isabelmarco having problems with referrals. Members are asked to stop referring. isabelmarco
blog bisnis internet
March 24 2008: admin seemed to have abandoned site and forum.

March 24 2008: Dailyclicks complaints of non-payment and forum redirects to dailyclickspro. dailyclicks

March 24 2008: Plusbux was up and now down again.

March 24 2008: Turbobux at least 15 ads a day.

March 24 2008: Chuck wrote in the reader's feedback that he paid for referrals but did not receive any. There are also complaints of non-payments from others.

March 23 2008: Minbux losing referral problem is fixed.

March 23 2008: Xclix temporary 4 clicks a day to clear payout. Will return to 12+ ads soon.

March 23 2008; Moratraffic, Morachat is gone. Admin is said to be very sick.

March 23 2008: Bux3 Payout is now up to 30 business days for premium and 60 for free members.

March 23 2008: HKbux Be careful. The clicks have lots of redirection which could hang your PC.

March 23 2008: Buxdotcom Payout is now 20 business days for standard members.

March 23 2008: Happy Easter Everyone.
Jesus said, "No one can have greater love than to give his life for his friends."

March 22 2008: is down due to server upgrade. buxmania

March 22 2008: Apple Patch Diet They pay you $25, but the minimum payout is $100. You will also have to pay $29.95 to sign-up. apple patch diet

March 22 2008: AcidClickz has the same owner as clickzvault.

March 22 2008: Minbux has the "losing referral problem". Admin says that he will try to fix it.

March 22 2008: Adstab Activation code may take a few days to come.

March 22 2008: Excelentbux, Topbux Admin sold the sites. Money gone?

March 22 2008: seems to be hacked. Revenge? (read update march 20)

March 22 2008;, Intearn, Plusbux are down. No news from the admins.

March 21 2008: Complaints of non-payments. buxit

March 21 2008: Rainingbux Not specified clearly how much you will earn from your referrals' clicks.

March 21 2008: Buxplus Suppose to payout on the March 15, but some members are still waiting. (Also, look at update March 14)

March 21 2008: TheRichCash complaints of late payment and the forum seems abandoned.

March 20 2008: Owner accused of hacking into the site of andreiuk

March 20 2008: Your account will be deleted without warning if you are inactive for more than 5 days.

March 20 2008: BuxtoAds All earnings are for advertising purposes.

March 20 2008: Cash-linkz Payment canceled due to referral using auto-clickers. Strange because how can you control what your referrals do. cash-linkz

March 20 2008: camycosty, buxmania & euroclickers which are part of the buxmania network do not allow for referral exchanges. buxmania

March 20 2008: Active-clickers You must upgrade to get paid.

March 20 2008: site is gone due to hackers.

March 20 2008: do not pay. It is an ads only site.

March 20 2008: is back, but site has been hacked and all previous members deleted.

March 20 2008: DailyClicks Premium Members will be paid within 30 business days. Free Members will be paid within 60 business days.

March 20 2008: Incomebux is on free domain ( Be careful.

March 20 2008: LibertyBux Complaints of non-paymant. libertybux

March 20 2008: Payflick 80% of the surf and click system have been converted to traffic exchange and all referral-earned cash have been removed.

March 19 2008: site and forum abandoned by admin.

March 19 2008; HonestBux is running again.

March 19 2008: VelocityClicks sets members' accounts to paid but money is not received.

March 18 2008: Bee-Gold website is up again.

March 18 2008: same owner as spainbux and which were all scams. strawberryclick

March 18 2008: A new PTC started by the owner of TurboBux.

March 18 2008: is gone.

March 18 2008: Chalepsclicks, oldgezzerclicks, countryjunkyard, Kentuckybux are down due to hosting problems. Chalepsclicks

March 18 2008: deleted all its members.

March 17 2008: IppoMails boycotted by gptboycott.

March 17 2008: DreamClix,, seems to be gone.

March 17 2008: is gone? Seems to be on free hosting.

March 17 2008: Be careful. Paying 3 cents per click and 6 cents per click for premium members is definitely too good to be true.

March 17 2008: ClickoSaurus, Honestbux, are down due to ddos attack. Sites should be back up soon. LatinNetwork

March 16 2008: upgraded to a faster script and increased referrals earnings.

March 16 2008: Bee-gold website is down or gone?

March 16 2008: having problems with Paypal. buxmania

March 16 2008: seems to pay some and don't pay some.

March 6 2008: Cash-linkz if someone uses your referral link, but click on some other page before registering he/she would NOn forsh-linkz ie on x.parch 20 2008: Cash-poses.

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Anonymous | July 03, 2008  

wadoh... bux3 udah scam juga ya!

Anonymous | July 08, 2008  

Thanks infonya bro...

Anonymous | July 10, 2008  

Walah Ternyata Banyak banget Scamnya Than's Banget Bro Infonya Bermanfaat banget tuk kita2

Anonymous | July 14, 2008  

Makin banyak aja yang menyandang predikat scam...

Ron | July 14, 2008  

Thanks, info nya bermanfaat banged.

Anonymous | July 16, 2008  

sepertinya tidak semua scam bro, kan sebagian baru indikasi atau telat bayarnya

Anonymous | July 29, 2008  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous | June 22, 2009  

Thanks infonya.
Yg Indonesia juga di Expos dunk, jgn cuman yg luar nagari.

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Anonymous | December 10, 2013  

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